Some frequently asked Q & A

1. Who can download and use this app?
Anyone who has a phone, travels from place to place, and anyone who is tired of paying too much money to big courier companies. Their shipping cost is outrageous and it usually takes a couple days to get its destination. With new postman app, it will reach usually within 24 hour for the most part and cost way less.

2. Is it available in the app Stores? Yes is available, go and download it now.

3. How does it work? Simple get on the app enter you travel information, Transportation type, take off point, final destination and arrival time. It takes less than 2 minutes and you are done. The you will start receiving requests from customers sending packages your way.

4. How does it work for shippers? In a similar way, Customer will take a photo if item for shipment, describe item, enter item location and intended destination, including recipient name and phone number.

5. What countries can used the app now? App is available in Canad, US, UK & Nigeria now. Obviously because of the outbreak of the corona virus, there is not much movement at the moment.
Nigeria is our focus at the moment, Start by downloading the app and signing up. It will be business as usual once pandemic is over. Feel free to ask more questions.

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